Phil Colleran's career in occupational safety health began more than 35 years ago under the guidance of his father, a pioneer in the safety profession. He joined the Occupational Safety and Health Administration in 1973 as a Compliance Officer and left that Agency in 1990 as an Assistant Area Director. He has been involved in thousands of workplace inspections and hundreds of accident investigations in construction and general industry.

In his seventeen years with OSHA, Phil worked closely with labor and management groups in the development of safety training programs and practical hazard controls everyone could live with. He now continues that work in private practice, assisting government agencies, private employers and employer associations in regulatory compliance and safety and health program development and evaluation. He is an adjunct instructor with the OSHA National Safety Education Center, an elected representative of the American National Standards Institute's Parent Committee on Construction and Demolition as well as the author of numerous articles on workplace safety and health.

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