Philip Colleran, Occupational Health & Safety Consultant


Project Safety Planning

Pre-construction safety planning has consistently rewarded construction users with significantly fewer injuries and lower project costs, saving many business reputations in the bargain. "Site-specific safety plan", "pre-job safety survey", "job hazard analysis", "project safety specification"…what do these terms mean? In essence, they're the kinds of actions responsible owners, design professionals and contractors consider before construction work is allowed to proceed. Who performs them and when, what form they take and whether they're effective in identifying and controlling risk is key. A qualified safety and health professional should be part of your team as early in the game as possible.

Safety Program Development

"Sure we've got a safety program…It's three inches thick!"

Is your "safety program" really an everyday part of your business or simply a 3-ring binder gathering dust on a shelf? Building a workable program involves input from every level of your organization, providing easily understood methods for implementing it on a day-to-day basis and conducting periodic honest evaluation. For the small to medium sized organization, that process is initially demanding, but in an increasingly competitive industry like construction, few will survive without a positive commitment of resources to workplace safety. Build a program people can live with and live by.

3rd Party Audits

Construction users who take the trouble to establish sound project safety objectives and who develop contract specifications to enforce them frequently desire a fair assessment of whether they're "getting their money's worth" once the work proceeds. The effectiveness of a project's safety effort is objectively profiled by either a pre-established set of performance objectives, or by evaluation criteria standardized by the construction industry, such as ANSI A10.39, A10.33 and A10.38. Phil Colleran has had the privilege of evaluating some of our Nation's largest construction projects. His more than 30 years of experience in construction safety and health enables him to identify critical areas for improvement of project safety performance.

Litigation Consultation

A knowledgeable safety liability expert assists the ultimate finder of fact in understanding often-complex pieces of evidence and making decisions about liability. An expert is not and should not be an advocate. In determining both the merits and vulnerabilities to their causes of action. Mr. Colleran has assisted hundreds of attorney's and their clients in this regard. He has consistently articulated the recognized customs, practices and standards of care observed by the construction industry on matters of workplace safety and health.